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2024 Concert Schedule

  • If you have to cancel, please tell us as soon as you can so that we can place someone from the standby list.
  • If you are a performer with a name, description or band member change, please email us your change request.
  • If we goofed and scheduled you for a time you said you couldn't perform, let us know and we'll do our best to fix it.

email contact:

I understand AFF has about 65 acts on the standby list,
and couldn't possibly fit everyone in, but, but, but ...

Concerts: (Last Update: May 12, 6:41pm)
(Last Update: May 12, 6:41pm)

Monday Evening, April 8 • Centennial Hall
6:30pm Alaska Youth Choir • Juneau, Alaska
Rich Moore, Laurie Clough, Abi W., Augustine K., Ella M., Callie S., Jacob H., Dylan R., Esme W., Kale B., Leonora J., Kennedy S., Jacob W., Marie W., Gracie S., Charlotte M., Nyah H., Juniper H., Makayla P., Freya C.
The Alaska Youth Choir is a high-quality youth choir of children aged six to eighteen who love to sing! May our music gift you with smiles of joy as you listen.
6:45pm Mike Truax • Juneau , Alaska
Three chords and a capo.
7:00pm Tramwreck • Gustavus, Alaska
Tania Lewis, Jamie Marks, Heidi Johnson, Dave Kovach, TJ Lazar, Sergei Morosan, Colin Osterhaut
Savory as smoke-fired king salmon and enticing as an ice-cold Rainier, Tramwreck serves up tasty tunes to feed your hungry heart.
7:15pm Cello Pudding • Juneau, Alaska
Greg Albrecht, Eliza Albrecht, Oliver Albrecht
Original songs from the Albrecht family band. Warning: pudding contains cello, guitar, drums… and nuts.
7:30pm The Soggy Joggers • Juneau, Alaska
Hannah Wilson, Julius Adolfsson, Matt Kern, Aldyn Brudie
Slogging through a few more tunes, back by popular demand.
7:45pm Andy Miller • Juneau, Alaska
Holiday favorites from Andy's new album.
8:00pm Carpe Diem • Juneau, Alaska
Justine Bishop, Martha Stey, Jim Stey
An eclectic ensemble of music to warm your heart--dedicated to my late mother, Elizabeth M. Bishop.
8:15pm Johnny Negotiable • Juneau, Alaska
Jane Hale
Just me and my guitar
8:30pm Brent and Madeline Tingey • Juneau, Alaska
Brent Tingey, Madeline Tingey
Daddy/Daughter duo performing some Neil Young classics.
8:45pm The Goetz Who • Juneau, Alaska
Jeff Goetz, Fisher Goetz, Stella Goetz
A log rock with a couple of little folks.
9:00pm Lame Dog • HAINES, Alaska
Ryan Irvin, Nora Zimmerly
Music for Rusty Cowfolk
9:15pm An Alaskan Traveler • Juneau, Alaska
Max Blust
Ukulele songs about Mental health and supports, and a song promoting the 988 hotline.
9:30pm Marc Mintz • Juneau, Alaska
More heart than smart.
9:45pm Good Frets • Juneau, Alaska
Odin Brudie, Frankie Pillifant
We always sound best in our living room.
10:00pm Make Way For Ducklings • Juneau, Alaska
Elizabeth Ekins, Wendy Byrnes
Two Juneau girls back to sing some more duets.

Emcee: Grace Elliott
Stage Manager: Sarah Wallace

Tuesday Evening, April 9 • Centennial Hall
6:30pm Ursa Major • Juneau, Alaska
Amelia Farrell, Anika Linstid, Cate Rosson, Clayton Marks, Cora Soboleff, Eleanor Davis, JR Becker, Maelee Lawrence, Oscar Lamb, Rachel Rosson, Rowan Hightower, Sachiko Marks, Tayt Whiteley, Jacquelyn Davis, Hugo Rank, Koji Rank, Arlo Carlton, Eliza Albrecht, Jacinda Skeek, Zev Levine, Kiana Twitchell, Evelyn Thomas, Melody Morford
Youth String Ensemble performs movie, fiddle, and folk tunes. Led by Guo Hua Xia
6:45pm Abbey Lee • Hoover, Alabama
Abbey Lee is a performer from Birmingham, AL who was lucky enough to call Juneau home for a year. Singer-songwriter with bluegrass influences
7:00pm Q and Company • Juneau , Alaska
Quinton Woolman-Morgan, Dylan hulbert, Dave sheakley
Q and company will play a combination of originals and cover songs. On vocals and rhythm guitar is Quinton and he will be joined by Dylan and others!
7:15pm Whiskey Sours • Juneau, Alaska
Lisa Puananimohala'ikalani Denny, Travis Smith
Love is folked. Sometimes it's a rocky road, and even whiskey sours. But we're pretty sweet.
7:30pm The Good Friendlys • Juneau, Alaska
Katie Henry, Martha DeFreest, Hiram Henry, Dan DeSloover, Mike Janes, Kelly Henriksen
Originals and favorites from Henry Kitchen kin and neighbors
7:45pm The Unzickers • Juneau, Alaska
Isaiah Unzicker, John Unzicker
Just some songs from some musicians for you.
8:00pm Chanelle Kanani • Volcano, Hawaii
Original aloha folk music from the heart:“Let’s slow down time”“Hōkūleʻa - our happy star”“You are perfect for my soul”
8:15pm Hannah • Juneau, Alaska
Hannah Bailey
Just playing a few songs I enjoy!
8:30pm Spindrift • Seward, Alaska
Jim Pfeiffenberger, Stephanie Robertson
Acoustic folk-rock duo singing originals and covers featuring tight vocal harmonies, brought to you from the shores of Resurrection Bay.
8:45pm The Empty Oil Barrel Band • Douglas, Alaska
Ed Schoenfeld, Riley Woodford, Maggie Schoenfeld, Jayne Andreen
Satire and parodies making fun of prominent people, places and things. It's been more than 40 years at festival, but we never run out of material.
9:00pm The Geoff Kirsch Experience Experiment Projeqt feat. Margie McWilliams & Chris Dionisio • Goodwin, Alaska
Geoff Kirsch, Margie McWilliams, Chris Dionisio
For those about to folk-rock, we salute you!
9:15pm Destany Kahlstrom • Juneau , Alaska
Just an Alaska girl and her guitar
9:30pm The Jig's Up • Juneau, Alaska
Heather Parker, Carl Schrader, Tony Yorba, Chris Meade
From County Sligo to County Juneau, these jumpin' jigs will reel you in!
9:45pm Sunny Porch • Juneau, Alaska
Melanie Brown, Marcus Beckmann
Acoustic Duo
10:00pm Out of the Living Room • Juneau, Alaska
Craig Smith, Kathy Ensor
Folk and easy listening, playing the music of our squandered youth.

Emcee: Taylor Vidic
Stage Manager: Andy Miller

Wednesday Evening, April 10 • Centennial Hall
6:30pm Juneau Community Chorus (JCC) • Juneau, Alaska
Katherine Andrews, Bobbi Mitchell, Susan Lummis, Andrea Petersen, Jenny Smith, Naomi Hartmann, Stephanie Kohlhase, Anjanette Barr, Jane Hale, McKensie Smith, Rebekah Benner, Gloria Merry, Marsha Buck, Sharon Denton, Randall Wolfenberger, Andrea Florendo, Chrissy Van-Sickle, Jean Butler, Phyliss Scott, Leora Houtary, Cora Barr, Katie Henry, Acacia Poulson-Edwards, Martha DeFreest, Lydia Rail, Jacque Farnsworth (accompianist), Misuri Smyth (artistic director)
JCC is made up of people from the community ages 12+ who LOVE TO SING! The chorus meets once a week to sing repertoire that his varied, eclectic, and FUN!
6:45pm Code Red • Juneau, Alaska
Dennis Hoffman, Mark Knight, John Lager, Judy Mithcell
American Country and Folk
7:00pm Harmiddler Brothers • Douglas, Alaska
Bob-o Bell, Grant Dermody, Bob Banghart
Into the realm of the unknown where breath, bow and banjo meet.
7:15pm Owl Scarey • Seattle, Washington
One player, I play the accordion and sing original songs.
7:30pm Toss the Salmonberries • Juneau, Alaska
Beth Leibowitz, Steve Winker, Anne Sutton, Cecily Morris
All Irish, all the time--with a little help from our friends.
7:45pm Shanks Mare • Juneau, Alaska
Greg Higdon, Ben Higdon
That old time feeling. Like that old grey cat in the winter keeping its back to the wall.
8:00pm The Off-The-Hook Honeys present Costa's Poets, Thieves, & Liars • juneau, Alaska
Collette Costa, Caleb Wylie, Jason Caputo, Jason Hort, Jason Messing, Doug Bridges, Michael Stanley, Jill Taylor
Frivolity is the species' refusal to suffer.
8:15pm Taking Care of Bluegrass • Juneau, Alaska
Jeremy Kane, Andrew Heist, Josh Fortenbery, Lindsay Clark, James Cheng
Hard-driving traditional bluegrass
8:30pm Galvin Family Band • Anchorage, Alaska
Sean Galvin, Alyse Galvin, Bridget Galvin, Camden Galvin, Miles Allen, Ryan Mclaughlin
A lifelong dream was to climb in a family van and start a band. Next best- making it altogether for 3 tunes for Alaska Folk Festival!
8:45pm Ken Burch • Olympia, Washington
Back with more originals- because it's not actually possible to write covers
9:00pm Nico and Pepe Ride Again! • Spokane, Washington
Joe Quintana, Nick Lemrise
Bringing an acoustic and Bluegrassy bent to some old classics! A rip-roarin' good time!
9:15pm Alexander Hodgins • Whitehorse, Yukon
Strumming, picking, harmonica wailing, 70s folk rock inspired original music. Painting Yukon vignettes that capture a desire to escape societal conventions.
9:30pm Bob Sinaiko • Sausalito, California
Bob Sinaiko, Olivia Sinaiko
vocal/instrumental (Bob), possibly joined by Olivia on the first song; 3 songs, first with banjo, second with guitar, third with piano
9:45pm John & Sally with Friends • Port Townsend, Washington
Sally Burch, John Bruns
Circling the wagons with friends.
10:00pm Popcorn Princess • Fairbanks, Alaska
Carey Seward, Cherie Bowman
A duo from Fairbanks covering pop hits on acoustic guitar

Emcee: Mark Ridgway
Stage Manager: Dan Kirkwood

Thursday Evening, April 11 • Centennial Hall
6:30pm Shonti Elder and Friends • Wasilla, Alaska
Shonti Elder, TBD
New original songs and tunes from the many times Alaska State Fair fiddle contest winner.
6:45pm NaMee and Avery • Juneau, Alaska
NaMee, Avery Stewart
Guitar and spoken word. NaMee’s blend of poetry, storytelling, and love letters is layered with Stewart’s original, rhythmic riffs.
7:00pm Chris Thompson and Friends • Anchorage, Alaska
Chris Thompson, Rolfe Buzzell, Harrison Jennings, Rebecca Bingham, Don Rudolph
Singer/songwriter tunes that touch the heart. Love, loss, and concerns for the future are featured in this talented ensemble.
7:15pm Full Circle - Mary DeSmet, Greg Burger and Don Rudolph • Juneau, Alaska
Greg Burger, Mary DeSmet, Don Rudolph
Mary DeSmet, Greg Burger and Don Rudolph - Powerful harmonies, hot licks and great tunes artfully selected from folk, country and roots music.
7:30pm Mike Gamble • Juneau, Alaska
Local musician playing a couple of songs. I hope you like it.
7:45pm Muskeg Collective • Juneau, Alaska
Annie Bartholomew, Josh Fortenbery , Andrew Heist, Erin Heist , Taylor Vidic
Juneau’s own songwriting collective
8:00pm Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands • Sacramento, California
Laurie Lewis
Guest Artist
8:45pm Caitlin Warbelow • New York, New York
Fairbanks-born, NYC-based fiddler is honored to return to her favorite festival in the whole wide world for tons of tunes with the best of friends.
9:00pm J. Althea • Santa Rosa, California
PIANO: Ragtime, Honky Tonk, & Roaring 20's
9:15pm P.O. Tigers • Seattle, Washington
Reeb Willms, Ethan Lawton, Hailey Pexton
A West coast song writing collective
9:30pm Fiona Rose and the Show Ponies • Anchorage, Alaska
Fiona Rose, Logan Bean, Kat Moore, Matt Roberts
Whimsical tunes written for the folks!
9:45pm Jason & Rachel Overby • Sutton, Alaska
jason overby, Rachel
Brother and sister duo from Sutton Alaska leaning on traditional harmony and a unique fingerpicking/flat picking guitar styling.
10:00pm The Strongbacks • Kodiak, Alaska
Evan Coombs, Tim Borden, Brendan Best, John Lauber
Blending curated sea songs and shanties from the traditional to the contemporary with rich harmonies that brings the sea right to your ears (not literally).
10:15pm Tom Begich and Sarah Sledge • Anchorage, Alaska
Tom Begich, Sarah Sledge
New album in the works, new songs to play, tracing memories and almost chances. Its time to get back to Juneau for the Alaska Folk Festival and our friends.
10:30pm Naked Mabel • Anchorage, Alaska
Ian Wahl, Matt Faubion, Harrison Jennings, Caroline Raiford
After seven years, Naked Mabel returns to the stage bringing a variety of original songs written by Ian Wahl, Matt Faubion and Harrison Jennings

Emcee: Collette Costa
Stage Manager: Ian Putnam

Friday Evening, April 12 • Centennial Hall
6:30pm Honey Duo • Juneau, Alaska
Heather Parker, Karen Larson
Commonly spotted playing by a campfire at North Douglas Beach, the Honey Duo brings tight harmonies, smokin' fiddle breaks, and the sounds of home.
6:45pm Super Bear • Douglas , Alaska
Travis Croteau, Callahan Croteau, Dylan Hulburt
Super Bear’s back, with a set of songs by Nick Drake.
7:00pm Tucker Tunes • Chugiak, Alaska
Natalie Tucker, Tim Tucker
TuckerTunes are a husband and wife singer/songwriter duet specializing in twisted covers, clever originals, and delicious harmonies for 4098 days and counting!
7:15pm Lost on C (aka Skunk Cabbage Fever) • Juneau, Alaska
Robert Bowles, Liz Rao , Craig Wilson, John Lager, Jeffrey Trout
We play an eclectic mix of country, folk, rock and ... whatever strikes are fancy. Whatever we play we do with a bit of a do it yourself fun punk ethos.
7:30pm Caitlin Frye • Fairbanks, Alaska
Caitlin Frye, George Gianakopoulos, Beth Chrisman, Jason Norris
Caitlin will bring her expressive vocals, acoustic guitar, and a few of her talented Alaskan friends to the stage for an Americana-based set of original tunes.
7:45pm Lois Weston- Shady Lo Pop & guest singer Lisa Denny • Galion, Ohio
Lois Weston, Lisa Denny
2 new Alaska inspired songs-Shaman Island and Up on the Yukon and old favorite Juneau -with guest singers and chorus parts for audience to sing along.
8:00pm Craig Hendricks • Mentone, Alabama
Award winning solo acoustic singer/songwriter, performing Country music in the style of South Eastern U.S, country roots
8:15pm The Chrisman Sisters • Fairbanks, Alaska
Tara Starlight, Beth Chrisman, Kat Moore
Beth Chrisman and Tara Starlight live about 4,000 miles apart and when they finally get together it's all about magical sister harmonies and country music fun.
8:30pm Misner & Smith • Davis, California
Megan Smith, Sam Misner
Northern California-based unclassifiable duo Misner & Smith feature breathtaking vocal harmonies, masterful songwriting, and incredibly dynamic arrangements.
8:45pm Burl Sheldon and Nancy Berland • Haines, Alaska
Burl Sheldon, Nancy Berland
Back, again. All original songs.
9:00pm The Original Buckley Woman • Juneau, Alaska
Linda Buckley
Celebrating her 80th year on the planet, Mama Buckley will sing some acappella songs from the past, present and future. Look for surprise guests to join her.
9:15pm Jonny J • Fairbanks , Alaska
Edgy and energetic original Folk tunes from Fairbanks Alaska.
9:30pm Hannah Corral • Ester, Alaska
Leaving the late nite low lit bar gig life and dusting off the ol' private collection of heartfelt love songs..packed in the stompy suitcase drum kit.
9:45pm Paul Clements • Sitka, Alaska
Paul Clements last seen at the 1983 Alaska Folk Festival. Has he learned anything since? Hope so; looking forward to sharing some of it this go-round.
10:00pm DUNCH • Skagway, Alaska
Zac Hudson, Lucas James McCain, Coop Briody
Presenting a lighter shade of DUNCH. This will be an acoustic set geared towards people who don’t enjoy what DUNCH normally is.
10:15pm Yesterday in Spenard • Homer, Alaska
Laurence Blakely, Jenny Baker
Laurence Blakely and Jenny Baker, both transplanted Spenardians and former B-49s bandmates, crafted a few songs together over zoom just for Juneau Folk Fest!
10:30pm Sound Crew • Juneau, Alaska
Mark Alton, Derek L, Theresa Reynolds
Just a Juneau sound guy and his trusty crew playing some country tunes.

Emcee: Kelsey Riker
Stage Manager: Koren Bosworth

Saturday Afternoon, April 13 • Centennial Hall
12:00pm Ursa Minor Singers • Juneau, Alaska
Callie Conerton, Noelle Shanley, Greta Thompson, Abby Auerswald, Addie Ford, Adelaide Ljungberg, Winter Merrell, Benji Sears, Caisa Spickler, Dylan Dubois, Ember Giant, Hazel Wilburn, Nels Lapenter, Keaton Nakamura, Daryl Lagundino, Nora Johnson, Lilly Ingraham, Martin Carpenter, Petra Hatch, Aurora Apango, Devlin Dalman, Swanee Burdick, Jun Hwang, Neeka Liska
1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders from the Ursa Minor Classroom at Montessori Borealis Public School singing together some favorite songs with their teacher!
12:15pm Lauralee & Friends • Anchorage, Alaska
Laurale Honkola
From tales of lonesome love to rowdy outlaws Lauralee has got a song for you!
12:30pm Dennis and Dona Townsend • Tacoma, Washington
Dona Townsend, Dennis Townsend
No volcano is gonna stop us this time! Back with a few folk and 60's tunes.
12:45pm Crescent Harbor Gals • Sitka, Alaska
Lione Clare, Allie Prokosch
Lione Clare and Allie Porkosh will play a few tunes on fiddle and mandolin. They're excited that attending this Folk Fest inspired them to rekindle playing!
1:00pm Broken Feet • Silverton, Oregon
Heather Tonga, Martha Stey
Clawhammer banjo player and physician associate with original songs about healthcare.
1:15pm The Second to Last of the Juneaucorns • Juneau , Alaska
Sonia Kumar, Harper Gunn
“What do you expect from Juneaucorns?”
1:30pm Fu Bao and Friends • Juneau, Alaska
Fu Bao Hartle, John Hartle, Clare Pavia, Joe Emerson, Keith Heller, Joyce Lavine
Old timey fun for all!
1:45pm The Wittones • Seattle, Washington
Mark Wittow, Anna Wittow, Tom Kizzia
Original, treasured, and timeless songs of travel, adventure, and the Klondike
2:00pm Uncle Ned and the Harp Unstrung • Fairbanks, Alaska
Ned Gaines
One man and his harmonica playing songs from around the world
2:15pm Coldstring Drifters • Anchorage, Alaska
Ryan McLaughlin, Sean Galvin, Miles Allen
Ryan McLaughlin, Sean Galvin, and Miles Allen reunite on stage for the first time since 2014! Full throttle grass just like their mommas taught them.
2:30pm Cherie Bowman • Juneau, Alaska
Cherie is stoked to be back from Fairbanks for her 3rd Folk Fest sharing a unique bluesy folk blend of originals. Thank you, Juneau! ❤️
2:45pm The Volcano Listening Project • Eugene, Oregon
Leif Karlstrom, Jacob Groopman, Carter Bancroft
The Volcano Listening Project, led by Leif Karlstrom, turns scientific data from volcanoes into sound. This data inspires improvisation and musical structure.
3:00pm Maridon Boario • Juneau, Alaska
3:15pm Proudfoot Mountain Farm • Juneau, Alaska
David Proudfoot , Cindy Proudfoot , Dylan Proudfoot
Lettuce saw the fiddle fern, beet on the banjo, and sow some rhythmic G tunes from West Virginia and beyond.

Emcee: Margeaux Ljungberg & Christy Ciambor
Stage Manager: Sally Burch

Saturday Evening, April 13 • Centennial Hall
6:30pm Powell Brothers and Friends • Juneau, Alaska
Jim Powell, Doug Powell
Jim (local) & Doug Powell (Maine), with help from a few local players, bring folk & country tunes to you. Harmonizing with mandolin, banjo, violin,& guitar .
6:45pm Seasons of Love • Juneau, Alaska
Allison Waid, Margeaux Ljungberg, Salissa Thole, Shona Osterhaut, Taylor, Rob Cohen
Iconic women's showtunes about friendship, love, and dreams.
7:00pm Mc^2 • Petersburg, Alaska
Alec McMurren, Nicole McMurren
Nicole and Alec will bring you aboard and weave modern day fish tales and tunes about the crests and troughs of fishing for a living.
7:15pm Witty Youngman • Anchorage, Alaska
Witty Youngman, Sara Anderholm
original setlist of indigenous issues, love, and setbacks.
7:30pm Jet Set Betties • Sitka, Alaska
Kayla Boettcher, Matthew Turner
Multi-instrumental rock-a-Beatles duo that will Everly-Brothers a joyful noise and get you out of your seat.
7:45pm The Ice Worm Serenaders with Sam and Ella • Pleasant Lake, Michigan
John Hatton, Terry O’Hara, Brian Curtiss, Bruce Shwartz
Deep in the glacial highland of the Chugach Mountains, Ice Worms flourish as natures annual phenomenon. A guild of fine musicians, led by Sam and Ella, emerged.
8:00pm Ken Waldman & The Wild Ones • Anchorage, Alaska
Ken Waldman, one pal might be Jack Fontanella, one pal might be Tom Paul, one pal might be Peter Johnson, one pal might be George Sleichter, one pal might be Beth Chrisman, one pal might be Caitlin Warbelow, one pal might be Bob Banghart, one pal might be Johnse Ostman, pals joining me depends on schedule time and availability
Alaskan Fiddling Poet & Pals. Original and traditional fiddle tunes + smart spoken word. Here with novel partially set in Juneau: NOW ENTERING ALASKA TIME.
8:15pm Reeb Willms & Caleb Klauder • Eastsound, Washington
Reeb Willms, Caleb Klauder
Original songs & tunes.
8:30pm Brigitte Jardin • Whitehorse, Yukon
Brigitte, Ryan , Ellorie
With a tribute to the classic country sound, Brigitte Jardin paints a diverse palette of carefully crafted lyrics set to the rhythm of a Honky Tonk night.
8:45pm The Improbabillies • Homer, Alaska
Grant Dermody, Forrest Gibson, Scott Meyer
We'd like to bring you some bluesy old-time tunes and some old-time country blues.
9:00pm The Lucky Ones Family Band • Carcross, Yukon
Ryan West, Ryan McNally, Sarah Hamilton
The Lucky Ones Family band will perform as a trio (guitar, fiddle, banjo), playing a selection of original material and Northern Canadian fiddle standards.
9:15pm Sloughgrass • Anchorage, Alaska
Rion Schmidt, Mike Mickelson, Rob Collins, Aaron Lang, Jason Norris, Peter Hamre
Cordova and Saloon Spawned Bluegrass. Celebrating 25 years of Chestnuts, Belt Buckle Polishers and questionable choices.
9:30pm Kim Beggs • Whitehorse, Yukon
Kim Beggs, friend TBC
More dark songs from two new albums (6th & 7th) released since the last time I was there in 2019. I can't believe its been that long! So happy to be back!
9:45pm Hot Biscuit String Band • Whitehorse, Yukon
Cedric Thuya, Ryan McNally, Lina Halimi
Hot Biscuit String Band is a trio from Montreal who perform Old Time Fiddle music, country and bluegrass.
10:00pm Lance Mitchell • Juneau, Alaska
Using ba king tracks pop hip hop
10:15pm Howie's Hoedown • Bishop, California
Howie Schwartz
Howie Schwartz hails from Bishop, CA, home of neo-trad stringband, Hay Blackbird. He sings and flatpicks old-time on a roundneck resonator in most unique style.
10:30pm Todd Beasley and Friends • San Diego, California
Todd Beasley, TBA, TBA
Acoustic Folk

Emcee: Alicia & Kirsa Hughes-Skandjis
Stage Manager: Tom Fletcher

Sunday Afternoon, April 14 • Centennial Hall
12:00pm Pointy and the Birds • Sitka, Alaska
Jeannie Jay, Lori Whitmill, Mary Chambers, Beth Caffrey, Wendy Alderson, Marg Parsons, Phyllis Hackett, Sherie Mayo
Three or four contemporary, folk, or pop songs sung by eight women along with their ukuleles!
12:15pm Maia Rush • Sitka, Alaska
Maia Carter
Includes newly written folky songs surrounding love, friendship, doubt and travel. Simple songs for simple hearts.
12:30pm Pineapple Jam • Juneau, Alaska
Peter Anderegg, Cathy Anderegg, Bruce Simonson, Stephen Cline
This Hawaiian inspired kanikapila will bring the songs and hula of Hawai'i to the festival stage through the evocative sounds of 'ukulele and guitar.
12:45pm Dancing with the Spirit Village School Music Program • Cordova, Alaska
Belle Mickelson, Rion Schmidt, Mike Mickelson
Dancing with the Spirit is celebrating 18 years of traveling to 56 village schools with fiddles guitars, and uke--and we want to share the fun we have with you!
1:00pm Robin Hopper • Chugiak, Alaska
Back again, with a new song or two in her pocket. Will she make you laugh or cry this year? We'll see....
1:15pm Lisa Temcov Music • Anacortes, Washington
Lisa Temcov
Armed with her acoustic guitar and country soulful vocals, Lisa enchants audiences across WA counties, Whatcom, Island, Skagit, and Snohomish and even Oregon.
1:30pm Luke Weld • JUNEAU, Alaska
Original songs about love and public transportation.
1:45pm Isani Howell • Juneau, Alaska
Singer Songwriter transplant from the Appalachian Mountains sings and plays guitar and ukulele. Originals and covers. Bluesy, folksy, indy, and a little punk.
2:00pm Torah Zamora • Ketchikan, Alaska
wake up all the colors
2:15pm Spit Shake • Anchorage, Alaska
Chris Bieri, Nichole Campanale
Husband/wife duo singing original songs, from ballads to bangers.
2:30pm Zansler • Juneau, Alaska
Zander Kotlarov
Singer-songwriter-producer making honest, catchy pop music that taps into the joys and the horrors of daily life.
2:45pm Pajama Cat Sharks • Juneau, Alaska
Krystal Rose, Landon Lake, Anthony Williams, Justin Miller
Pajama Cats Sharks, an Acoustic Pop Rock Band, we take pop/rocks songs and create an original acoustic arrangements that are sure to get you grooving and moving
3:00pm The Raffertys • Tacoma, Washington
Maffie Rafferty, David Rafferty
With roots in Alhambra (CA) and Juneau, performing covers of Britpop and classic rock and original yacht rock.
3:15pm Suzy Crosby • Wasilla, Alaska
Hailing from the Mat-Su Valley, Suzy's "finger-pickin' good" guitar licks set the background for her original tunes, ranging from heartfelt to humourous.

Emcee: Dennis Townsend
Stage Manager: Anne Fuller

Sunday Evening, April 14 • Centennial Hall
6:30pm Frail Away Ladies • GUSTAVUS, Alaska
Ellie Sharman, Kate Boesser, Heidi Kristenson, Erin Tilly, Devin Tatro, Emma Carr, Sally Donaldson, Katie Henry
8 women, 8 banjos, 3 towns, 3 sweet tunes.
6:45pm Will Putman • Fairbanks, Alaska
A few songs that are among my earliest influences, protest songs from the great folk scare of the 1960s.
7:00pm Lou Nathanson • ANCHORAGE, Alaska
Lou Nathanson, Kat Moore, TBD, Tim Tucker, Natalie Tucker
You've heard of artificial intelligence? Well come hear some natural idiocy!
7:15pm The House Family Band • Juneau , Alaska
Tony Tengs, Michael Bucy , Doug Badilla
Two new songs and a doozy written by the mighty Pat Henry.
7:30pm A-TRAIN OF THOUGHT • Juneau , Arizona
Intimate, unplugged, raw and vulnerable three song (15 minute) set performed by A-Train of Thought. Acoustic guitar + microphone, coffeehouse vibes.
7:45pm Hank Alrich • Greenville, California
Hank Alrich, Shaidri Alrich
A short set of engaging original compositions, performed by a veteran of the industry.
8:00pm Jerry • Skagway, Alaska
Lucas James McCain, Zac Hudson, Coop Briody, Lee Thompson, Christian Jensen
Jerry is a folk rock band from Skagway AK. An ode to jam bands of the sixties, Jerry fuses powerful vocals and unique instrumentation into a groovy package.
8:15pm Kennedy Kruchoski • Juneau, Alaska
Kennedy Kruchoski, Dan Kirkwood
Sad girl songs from deep in The Valley
8:30pm Big Chimney Barn Dance • Anchorage, Alaska
Danny Consenstein, Carter Bancroft, Nate Williamson, Jay Marvin, Rachel Overby, Peter Hamre
Anchorage Rockin Old Time String Band
8:45pm Volcano Pants • Seattle, Washington
Michael Sparky Gray, Bob Banghart, Forest Gibson
Swing Fiddle
9:00pm Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands • Sacramento, California
Laurie Lewis
Guest Artist

Emcee: Ed Schoenfeld & Riley Woodford
Stage Manager: Emily Kane