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Information for Promoters

The Alaska Folk Festival is a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers and donations. There is no admission charge for the festival concerts, workshops, dances or other events. No performers are paid either, with one exception. Each year there is a single "Guest Artist" act which is hired.

We don't choose a Guest Artist based on their promo pack, so please save your money. We research, seek out and select our guest artists. They are chosen based largely on their connection to musical roots in America. We want Guest Artists who will demonstrate their music and heritage as well as entertain us and teach us. Check out the link for Guest Artist Criteria for more details on what we look for.

As a low budget operation AFF cannot afford to bring in large or distant or high-priced acts.

Also consider that in its 49 year history, the yearly "guest artist" act has not yet been selected from among the promotions we receive.

Understanding all of this, if you wish to send us information, you may email us at or send mail to PO Box 21748, Juneau, AK 99802-1748

If you want to come for the music and the fun - great! All AFF members are sent a performer application, for a 15 minute set, in late January and it should be available online shortly thereafter.