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2024 Workshop Schedule




Last Update: May 12, 6:41pm

Saturday Workshops

Main Stage

Sat. 10 - 11:30AM

Stagecraft Workshop for Musicians
Lucy Peckham, Rick Miller, Mike Sakarias
Learn how to use the stage equipment, mics, monitors, to your best advantage as a performer.

Hammond Room

Hickel Room

Egan Room

Sheffield Ballroom

Cultural Center (JACC)


Ukulele for Everyone!

Carole Marie Downing

If you've ever felt like you aren't musical or think it's too late to begin an instrument, this ukulele workshop is for you! Designed for folks who are new to the ukulele and want to learn a few basics and walk away knowing a song or two.

How to Get the Most Out of a Song

Laurie Lewis - 2024 AFF Guest Artist

We will delve into basic performance, and how to make what it is you do have a greater impact on the listener/watcher. Though geared toward the singer, these are aspects that can enhance your performance instrumentally and make you a strong
Family Concert

Emcee - Geoff Kirsch

Bring the kids and the wiggles!


How To Go Places With Your Art

Ken Waldman

Ken Waldman moved to Fairbanks in 1985, could barely fiddle, and had never written a poem. By 1995, he was Alaska' Fiddling Poet. Former Juneau, Sitka, Nome resident, he has 12 CDs, 20 books, tours nationally, and will share what he knows.
Old Time Fiddle

Carter Bancroft

I'll teach you a new fiddle tune with a focus on Old Time bowing techniques. We'll also cover topics in musicianship and how to go about learning this tradition on your own.
Couple Dance

John Laskey

a chance to improve on waltz, polka,etc. in a non didactic setting
Dance Calling

Guest Caller T-Claw

Want to learn to call square dances at parties, street festivals and other dance-worthy occasions? Well, we're hosting a workshop led by Elkins, WV-based T-Claw, one of today's most talented and creative young callers!


Doghouse Bass Q&A

Haselden Ciaccio - Laurie Lewis & The Right Hands

Bring your questions and ideas! Let’s talk about string choice, string changing, instrument set up and maintenance, different types of pick ups + amplification and more!
Banjo as Rhythm Instrument

George Guthrie - Laurie Lewis & The Right Hands

Explore the broader role of the banjo as a rhythm instrument in the bluegrass ensemble, as well as my approach to playing lead. Learn techniques to blend better with your band or jamming pals, and create satisfying textures that will make p
BLUEgrass Fiddle

Brandon Godman - Laurie Lewis & The Right Hands

This workshop will focus on ways to put the blue in your bluegrass fiddling. We will fiddlosophize about breaks, kick-offs, and backup. In this workshop, I will try to cater to the average experience level of the fiddlers present.
English Country Dance

Odette Edgar

Dance the historic dances of the English countryside and city ballrooms. Move to the delightful tunes of live music.
Louisiana Partner Dance

The Daiquiri Queens

Learn two-step, zydeco, and dancehall waltz. No experience necessary.


Blues Licks in E

Burl Sheldon

Helping developing players learn some basic Blues and Boogie-Woogie licks and how to extend the acoustic guitar's dynamic range and strengthen the Blues Feeling beyond chords. The workshop will mostly focus on the Key of E.
Old Time Banjo - Beginning

Guest caller T-Claw

Banjo with a claw-hammer approach.t. Learn how to make fun rhythmic music with a little right hand technique and minimal left hand dexterity. Bringing a banjo would be the way to get the best value out of this workshop.
Louisiana Twin Fiddling

Kelli Jones and Blake Miller (The Daiquiri Queens)

Louisiana twin fiddling in the style of Dennis McGee and more- bowing, chords, rhythmic seconding and counter melodies.
Family Dance

Caroline Oakley

The focus is on Simple easy to learn dances that everu age can enjoy. Live Band!
Zimbabwean Marimbas

Betsy Sims and/or Jesse Larson

Come learn a song on the Zimbabwean marimbas. There will be room for about 20 people to play. And even if we fill up, you can still come and listen :-)

Sunday Workshops

Hammond Room

Hickel Room

Egan Room

Sheffield Ballroom


CANCELLED: Communal Singing

The instructor will no longer be able to travel to Juneau and has cancelled this workshop.
CANCELLED: Kundalini Yoga 4 Music

Heather Stewart

The instructor will no longer be able to travel to Juneau and has cancelled this workshop.
French Ballad Singing

Minnie McCracken, Jamie Lynn Fontenot, Kelli Jones

Also known as ‘house music’, learn about the tradition of unaccompanied singing in Louisiana with The Daiquiri Queens. We'll listen to some recordings and learn a few of our favorite songs.
Dancing with the Spirit Kids Music

Belle Mickelson and other DWTS staff

Sing and learn to play guitar, fiddle, mandolin and ukulele with colored dots and fiddle tab just as we have been teaching in village schools for 18 years!. Bring your own instruments and/or try ours!


Vocal Playground

Carole Marie Downing

Discover the magic of making music in the moment with vocal improvisation! Through a series of vocal play exercises, participants will learn how to create music together in a fun and lighthearted environment.
Having fun with Flat keys

Michael Gray

One more time everyone...this is gonna be the year! We will explore the fabulous world of flat keys on the fiddle. Yes indeed, there might be few whale beachings....but we will have fun!
Writing Lyrics that Want to Sing

Marian Call

Learn specific tools, tricks, and ways to toy with language so that your song lyrics will elevate your music and resonate with your listeners.
Instrument Swap

AK Folk Fest

Buy, sell, or trade with your fellow festivalgoers! Got an instrument that's been collecting dust or looking for something special? This might be the place!


Robert Johnson/Delta Blues Guitar

Mark Heard

A look at 3 Robert Johnson tunes and exploring his Delta Blues style on acoustic guitar
Crooked Tunes for all instruments

John Hatton

At least four fun crooked fiddle tunes in the keys of A, C, D, and G.
The best songwriting tools:Your Ears

Robin Hopper

We'll explore how to listen and create memorable lyrics that "grab" your audience. Pencils and paper will be provided – just bring your imagination, and your ears!
Instument Swap

AK Folk Fest

Buy, sell, or trade with your fellow festivalgoers! Got an instrument that's been collecting dust or looking for something special? This might be the place!