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Workshop Schedule


Saturday Workshops

Main Stage

Sat. 10 - 11:30AM

Stagecraft Workshop for Musicians
Lucy Peckham, Bennett Hilsgen, Mike Sakarias
Learn how to use the stage equipment, mics, monitors, to your best advantage as a performer.

Hammond Room

Hickel Room

Egan Room

Sheffield Ballroom

Cultural Center (JACC)


Guitar Maintenance and Repair

Rob Goldberg

Learn to maintain your instrument from a Haines luthier, using simple tools (frets, finishes, tuning keys, etc)
Drums for Conjunto music

Daniel Martinez

Daniel teaches the use and role of percussion in Tejano border music. (All abilities)
Singing Rounds

Shonti Elder

Favorite singing rounds to share. Instruments welcome. All abilities.
Family Concert

Rachel Brown

Bring the Kids and the Wiggles


Guitar- Fingerpick in Drop-D Tuning

Burl Sheldon

Get familiar with this easy alternate tuning which suits a wide variety of songs. (Intermediate)
Accordion and Bajo Sexto

Josh Baca

Max and Josh teach the use and role of the accordion and bajo sexto in Conjunto music. (All abilities)
Singing Harmony

Nadine Landry and Reeb Willms

Let's reduce the mystery of 2 and 3 part harmony with tools for listening, hearing and terminology. (all abilities)
Couple Dance to Live Music

John Laskey (host)

Waltz, polka, swing, etc. with experienced dancers. All abilities welcome.
Instrument Swap- Buy Sell Trade!

Katie Henry

!TIME CHANGE! 12:00-1:30 in JACC! Buy, Sell or Trade your used instruments, find new homes for old friends. Sellers responsible for their own sales.(previous time 3-4:30)


Guitar- Flatpicking

Will Putman

Examine approaches to playing melody and improvising leads on guitar with a flatpick. (Intermediate)
History of Conjunto Music

Max Baca

Max and Josh Baca discuss the history and culture of Conjunto music in America. (All abilities)
Fiddle- Old Time

Sammy Lind

Jump right in with tunes that highlight core tools in Old Time: bowing, rhythm and syncopation. (intermediate)
Dance- English Country Dances

Odette Edgar

Exquisite live music by Earl Grey Country Dance Band. All dances are taught and prompted. Wear low-heeled, comfortable shoes. (all abilities)
Zimbabwean Marimbas

Betsy Sims

Try your hand at these wonderful, welcoming instruments! All levels, 10 yrs +, limit 20 people


Guitar Making 101

Rob Goldberg

Do you want to learn to make your own guitar? Learn basics of building and accoustics from a professional luthier! All abilities.
Old Time Mandolin, Beyond The Chop

Caleb Klauder

We'll focus on Old Time mandolin rhythm playing and learning fiddle tunes. This will be taught aurally and without written notation. (intermediate)
Fiddle- Old Time

Gabrielle Macrae

Learn an Old Time tune or two with tips on traditional bowing techniques. (Intermediate)
Calling Square and Contra Dances

Brian DeMarcus

All abilities can practice calling a favorite dance or learn a standard from Brian. He'll address differences of Contras and Squares, myths, helpful tips, and feedback for individuals. Live music provided, and dancers invited!
Banjo- Old-Time 3-finger!

Jay Marvin

Explore the 3-finger playing style in Old Time music. In JACC art gallery (off lobby)

Sunday Workshops

Hammond Room

Hickel Room

Egan Room

Sheffield Ballroom


Bowed Psaltry- Basics

Dennis Townsend

Hands-on opportunity to learn about and practice this unusual, mysterious instrument.
Bass for Conjunto and Tejano music

Noel Hernandez

Noel teaches the use and role of the bass in traditional Tejano border music. (All abilities)
Dances of Universal Peace

Leah LaBar Mark Kjerstad

NEW TIME! (previously Sunday 12:00). Simple, meditative dances. No experience necessary


Strumstick- Basics

Dennis Townsend

Learn a great beginner's instrument with frets, open tuning and simple fingering.
Accordion- English Concertina

Greg McLaughlin

From basic to advanced, learn to unlock the full potential of your squeezebox.
Singing- Harmony

John Palmes

Learn to make up harmony vocals. (all abilities)


Writing- Ideas for Memorable Lyrics

Robin Hopper

Fun writing exercises to explore how to "hit home" with your lyrics. Bring writing materials. (all abilities)
Want to Go Places With Your Art?

Ken Waldman

Musican? Writer? Dancer? Actor? Visual Artist? Ken Waldman has 9 CDs, 11 books, and has toured full-time since 1995, often as Alaska's Fiddling Poet. He'll share what he's learned. For artists of all disciplines & experience.
Fiddle Chords

John Palmes

Fiddle as a rhythm instrument - Playing chords not the tune, playing along with recordings... makes practicing fun. Use software to slow down and change keys.


Songwriting for Our Lives

Jonathan Bower

Explore how to craft soulful lyrics that plunge beneath the surface and resonate with shared personal experiences. (all abilities)
Guitar- Gypsy Jazz

John Lager

Swing, Jazz and Rhythm: get out of 1st position and up the neck with different chord shapes (intermediaten and up)
Irish Tune Share.

Elisabeth Saya

Bring your favourite tune to share (with or without sheet music). All are welcome.