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Concert Schedule - 41st Alaska Folk Festival


  • If you have to cancel, please tell us as soon as you can so that we can place someone from the standby list.
  • If you are a performer with a name, description or band member change, please email us your change request.
  • If we goofed and scheduled you for a time you said you couldn't perform, let us know and we'll do our best to fix it.

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I understand AFF has about 37 acts on the standby list,
and couldn't possibly fit everyone in, but, but, but ...

Last Update: Mar 14, 7:54pm

Monday Evening, April 6 • Centennial Hall

7:00 PFLAG Juneau Pride Chorus • Juneau, Alaska
Leslie Wood, Jacque Farnsworth, David Sheakley, Becky Bear, Barbara Belknap, Marsha Buck, Lorie Daniels, Maria Davies, Jean Findley, Mary Graham, LaRae Jones, Leah LaBar, Maureen Longworth, Jennifer Mannix, Marianne Mills, Bobbi Mitchell, Katie Moritz, Erika Partlow, Andy Peterson, Jill Sandleben, Janet Schempf, Jeanette St. George, Paula Terrel, Margaret Vrolyk, Christina Wallace, Lauren Waski, Taffy Wells, Patricia Wherry, Joan Wilkerson, Rachel Zahnd
We are a chorus of mothers, daughters, lovers, and grandmothers bonded by a desire to celebrate diversity.
7:15 Cayenne Blue • Juneau, Alaska
Martha DeFreest, Jeanne Murray, Chris Murray, Kelly Henriksen, Don Rudolf
Americana in three-part harmony
7:30 Dara Rilatos • Juneau, Alaska
Born and raised in Southeast Alaska, Dara plays a variety of music with a folk twist.
7:45 The Cruise'n'Kent Band • Douglas, Alaska
Addy Cruise, Elizabeth Kent, Owen Cruise
Family rock and pop favorites led by 11 year old Addy.
8:00 The Rockadaddies • Juneau, Alaska
Jeff Brown, Steve Nelson, Callie Conerton
Older, but not much wiser, The Rockadaddies return with few pals, for another spot in the limelite.
8:15 Mike Gamble • Juneau, Alaska
Founder of the Marvin Gaye tribute band, 'Hey Dad, What's That in Your Hand'. Mike Gamble will make you shake your booty till you just can't shake it no more.
8:30 Jacks in the River • Juneau, Alaska
Doug DeMaster, Shannon DeMaster, Andrzej Piotrowski, Brandee Gerke, Auguste Stiehr, Dave Tallmon
Mature for their age almost. Nothing wrong with tight harmonies and strong instrumentation. Folk-rock-blues.
8:45 Big Mistake • Juneau, Alaska
Andrew McDonough, Jesse Adams
Folk songs electrified.
9:00 If the Ocean • Juneau, Alaska
Hannah Wilson, Stacy La Mascus, Guy Unzicker, Andrew Madsen
It's like being outside.
9:15 The Wool Pullers • Juneau, Alaska
Liz Snyder, Alex Kotlarsz
Pull it good.
9:30 Elizabeth, Coty, Kendra, and Brennen • Juneau, Alaska
Indie/folk/western acoustic music
9:45 Sunken Treasure • Juneau, Alaska
Gene Nelson, Brian Nichols, Courtney Nelson, Bohdi Nelson
Americana songs on this era
10:00 codfysh joe • Juneau, Alaska
fysh houck, joe gardinier
we're back with some original songs and some covers and maybe some musical improv
10:15 Stringing In The Rain • Juneau, Alaska
Thomas Kappler, Dunya Hermann, Noatak Post, Audrey Welling
These four friends have come together, with their love of music, to put a classical twist on modern music.
10:30 The Invisible Circus • Juneau, Alaska
brian sullivan , C scott fry, steve tada
He who feed lemon to cat,have sour puss ! -Confucious 200 AD

Emcee: Grace Elliott
Stage Manager: Terry Hoskinson

Tuesday Evening, April 7 • Centennial Hall

7:00 HeartStrings • Juneau, Alaska
Alex, Alanna, Angus, Anna, Julia, Annika, Aubrey, Becca, Bence, Dugan, McKenna, Ella, Liam, Makia, Makoa, Emilia, Ema, Gianni, Cedar, Hazel, Jayden, Kate, Calli, Katherine, Meredith, Katie, Claire, Marty, Merry, Naara, Olivia, Quyen, Raiya, Robert, Sara, Daisy, Sophie, Sydney, Tera, Corder, Finn, Lisa Miles
45 hearts multiplied by 4 strings equals a lot of fiddle fun!
7:15 Connor Berry • Juneau, Alaska
Songs for my son.Kid songs on mandolin and guitar.
7:30 Bob Fowler a.k.a. <<W.O.C.>> • Auke Bay, Alaska
Fowler, t.b.a.
Originals & interpretations: folk blues
7:45 Travis Croteau • Douglas , Alaska
Singer Songriter
8:00 Cousin Curtiss • Douglas, Alaska
Curtiss O'Rorke Stedman
Americana, Folk, Blues, singer-songwriter, one-man-band.
8:15 Patrick Murphy and Donkey Cart • Douglas, Alaska
Owen Cruise, Travis Croteau, Libby Stringer, Alexei Painter, Ben Higdon, Patrick Murphy
Original Music
8:30 Tom Begich • Anchorage, Alaska
Tom Begich plays songs from his new CD
8:45 The Empty Oil Barrel Band • Douglas, Alaska
Ed Schoenfeld, Riley Woodford, Jon Pollard, Terry Schwartz
Goodie! Another governor to make fun of. Political and social satire, parodies and glacial hydrology.
9:00 Mike Janes and Friends • Juneau, Alaska
9:15 Andy Baker • Anchorage, Alaska
Anchorage based singer songwriter with new slice of life tunes from travels inside and out of the Great Land.
9:30 The Ladies • Juneau, Alaska
Taylor Vidic, Phoebe Rohrbacher, Asia Ver, Elizabeth Ekins, Lydia Rail, Gin Anderson, Acacia Edwards
There's too much vocal talent around here to not join forces, so that's what we've done; here to show you something you didn't even know you were missing.
9:45 Irene Muller • Juneau, Alaska
Just another
10:00 Dennis Caraher • Northampton, Massachusetts
Songs of loss and hope - images of the faith and innocence of rural America.
10:15 Katie Avery • Whitehorse, Yukon
Traditional tunes and songs played on electric 5 string fiddle with a loop station.
10:30 Greg • Juneau , Alaska
Greg Albrecht, Greg Pilcher
Just a couple of Greg's, doin' what we do.

Emcee: Jim Grammel
Stage Manager: Ann Gifford

Wednesday Evening, April 8 • Centennial Hall

7:00 Alaska Youth Choir • Juneau, Alaska
Annette Cordle, Missouri Smyth
AYC is celebrating its 20th Season; since 1994, AYC has mesmerized Juneau audiences with outstanding choral productions.
7:15 John Stey • Sanibel, Florida
7:30 The Quaintrelles • Juneau, Alaska
Cameron Brockett, Taylor Vidic
These two young women are happy to return to the Folk Fest for their second time ever with heartbreaking lyrics and harmonies.
7:45 Costa's Mid-Life Crisis Debacle • Juneau, Alaska
collette costa
You just never know what's going to be pulled out of that dang top hat!
8:00 Buzzell Brothers Blues • Anchorage, Alaska
Craig Buzzell, Rolfe Buzzell
Craig, from Santa Barbara, CA, and Rolfe, from Anchorage, playing a sample of rural southern, country and juke-joint blues and rags from the 1920s and 1930s.
8:15 Katie Henry • Davis, California
Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.
8:30 Keith Heller & Deborah Spencer • Pelican, Alaska
8:45 Tagish and Skagway Hillbillies • Skagway, Alaska
Art Johns, Nola Lamken
Quiet, heartbreakin', romantic music
9:00 Teri Tibbett • Juneau, Alaska
Original Songs
9:15 Michael Truax • Juneau, Alaska
Take my advice. I'm not using it.
9:30 Alaskan Travelers: Senior Year • Juneau, Alaska
Robert Newman, Elias Antaya, Max Blust, Possibly More
The boys are back.
9:45 Pat Henry • Juneau, Alaska
Songs From Jeanie's Kitchen
10:00 Last Chance Jazz Band • Juneau, Alaska
Greg Williams, Cap Anderson, John Haywood, Georgia Horton, Bill Childers, Jacque Farnsworth, David Grove, Bobbi Mitchell
Traditional Dixieland Jazz
10:15 The Girl From The North Country • Thorne Bay, Alaska
Sophia Martin, Isaac Martin
Performing since she was seven, The Girl From The North Country breathes youth and new vitality into old folk songs, classic rock, and her own originals.
10:30 Trash Bears Music Club • Juneau, Alaska
Kirsa Hughes-Skandijs, Alicia Hughes-Skandijs, Adrienne Scott
Juneau gals who enjoy adapting their favorite tunes and creating new ones - last seen racing into the Bering Sea to swim with baby seals at the Nome Folk Fest.

Emcee: Linda Buckley
Stage Manager: Koren Bosworth

Thursday Evening, April 9 • Centennial Hall

7:00 Joe Emerson • Juneau, Alaska
a mix of Celtic and American folk songs.
7:15 Goldwing • Douglas, Alaska
Dan Kirkwood, Clay Good, Dan DeSloover , Ben Higdon
Barred owl music.
7:30 Mary DeSmet, Greg Burger, Don Rudolph, and Henry Hopkins • Juneau, Alaska
Do you hear the Rooftop Singers? Buffy Sainte-Marie or a Neil Young tune?
7:45 Sea of Heartbreak • Boise, Idaho
Ava Honey, Caroline Oakley, Reeb Willms, special guest
Best friends making music together from near and from far...
8:00 Byron Berline Band • Guthrie, Oklahoma
Byron Berline, Richard Sharp , Steve Short, Billy Perry, Jim Fish, Greg Burgess
• • Guest Artists for 2015 • •
8:45 Burl Sheldon • Haines, Alaska
A few old favorites
9:00 Mc2 • Petersburg, Alaska
Nicole McMurren, Alec McMurren
Nicole sings, Alec plays guitar, performing original songs of local, interest, love, and shipwrecks.
9:15 Soft Old Day • Juneau, Alaska
Irene Muller , Ian Leonard, Ian Putnam, Don Rudolph
Original tunes by original people.
9:30 River People and Friends • Craig, Alaska
John Bruns, Sally Burch, Brian Curtis
We love old/new folk music.
9:45 Ben Gallagher y La Amo • Sutton, Alaska
Benjamin Gallagher, Alyssa Overby
Accompanied by pump organ, guitar and piano, Ben weaves simple tales with a grizzly croon. Performing with Alyssa Overby of Alaska's
10:00 Arthur Cothary • Belfair, Washington
Original acoustic music played on solo Baritone guitar.
10:15 Grayscale • Juneau, Alaska
John Ingalls, Amy Houck, John Lager
Reviving songs from the 20s and 30s
10:30 Blind Hog Redux • Fairbanks, Alaska
Lynn Basham, Erin Tilly, Christopher Behnke
Unrepentant Straight-Ahead Irish

Emcee: Riley Woodford
Stage Manager: Rachel & Greg Beck

Friday Evening, April 10 • Centennial Hall

7:00 Juneau String EnsemblesAurora Strings • Juneau, Alaska
Elias Antaya, Tezah Haddock, Henry Cheng, Abby Olsen, Thomas Kappler, Audrey Welling, Hanah Elizarde, Lena Kawakami, Dugan McNutt, Kaleah Haddock, Connie Tomlinson, Noah Machakos, Arne Ellefson-Carnes, Catherine Marks, McLain Sidmore, Noa Post, James Cheng, Bailey Davenport, Natalie Johansen, Dunya Herman, Cameron Howard, Lucas Hutchinson
Our young string musicians are excited to kick-off the 41st Alaska Folk Festival with some lively dance tunes!
7:15 Tracy Bird with Darin Jensen • Cobleskill, New York
Water songs
7:30 Landbridge Tollbooth Reunion • Nome, Alaska
Jim Dory, Margie McWilliams, Carol Gales, Mike Rutledge
Current and former members of Nome's old-time music provider reunite in Juneau.
7:45 The Norris Bowers Band • Fairbanks , Alaska
Aurora Bowers, Celine Vaillancourt, Jason Norris, Pete Bowers, Ryan Bowers, Scott Norris
You’ve known and/or loved them for years in other bands. Now united to bring you potent old time music with a bluegrasser’s eye for drama. New CD: Gin Chick
8:00 Carl Hoffman & Northern River • Fairbanks, Alaska
Carl Hoffman, Danny Berberich, Matt Johnson, Jeremy Kane, Silas Hoffman
Traditional Bluegrass from the interior of Alaska. Carl Hoffman is the AFF41 Honored Guest.
8:15 Muckle Mare • Anchorage, Alaska
Eli West, Peter Hamre, Carter Bancroft, Dusty Rider, Garren Volper
Band members from Anchorage, Seattle and Lyons.
8:30 50 % Loco • Fairbanks, Alaska
Simon Crelli, Charlie Hunt, Nancy Bayer
Fiddle Music to make your spirits play
8:45 Marian Call • Juneau, Alaska
Marian Call, Cameron Brockett, Taylor Vidic, Ian Leonard, Ian Putnam, Kelly Henriksen, Daniel Kirkwood, Emily Zahasky, Quinn Zahasky
Marian Call and her unique Folk Fest backing band present all new original songs to amuse and inspire.
9:00 Young Apothecary • Calgary, Alberta
Honeychild Hedin
Haunting and intimate, Young Apothecary takes you to a billowing prairie where the winds of My Brightest Diamond and Jeff Buckley blow.
9:15 Oyster Sucking SOBs • Juneau, Alaska
David Putnam, Aaron Putnam, Ian Putnam, Brian Curtis
There are only two things in the world these dirty stowaways love-- slurpin' down Alaska's finest oysters and playin kick ass oldtime tunes!
9:30 Kim Beggs • Whitehorse, Yukon
Alaska Folk Fest is a perfect way to finish off an epic two month, cross Canada tour performing in MB, SK, AB, BC, NB, PEI, NS, NL, ON, NWT.
9:45 Shoo-fly • Whitehorse , Yukon
Ashlyne Bigg and Kieran Poile make up the fiddle and step dance duo
10:00 Downtown String Band • Juneau, Alaska
Shawn Mc Cole , Joe Karson , C Scott Fry
The Alaskan Hotel's summer day time tourist Live exhibition Band featuring: Shawn McCole, Joe Karson, C.Scott Fry and most likely a few recruits
10:15 The Swing Dogs • Fairbanks, Alaska
Nancy Bayer, Janice Densham, Charlie Hunt, Carol Indorf, Maggie Whitaker
The dogs get up and run again.
10:30 Shaidri Alrich • Austin, Texas
Traveling 3183 miles with a guitar, fiddle and collection of heartbreakingly beautiful songs. Folk, bluegrass, country and original.
10:45 Carol & Leif • Fairbanks, Alaska
Carol Indorf, Leif Thompson
Breathing new life into traditional acoustic tunes with flute, whistle, and guitar.
11:00 Chris Thompson & Friends • Anchorage, Alaska
Chris Thompson, Rolfe Buzzell, Harrison Jennings, Rebecca Bingham, Grady Hopper
Anchorage based, our group of 5 performs all original compositions guaranteed to please.

Emcee: Collette Costa / Ed Schoenfeld
Stage Manager: Anne Fuller

Saturday Afternoon, April 11 • Centennial Hall

12:00 JAMM; Juneau, Alaska Music Matters • Juneau, Alaska
Second Grade Students, Third and Fourth Grade Students, Lorrie Heagy, Carolyn Kelley, Meghan Johnson, Rebecca Ricker
JAMM; Juneau, Alaska Music Matters 2nd-4th grade musicians from Auke Bay, Glacier Valley, and Riverbend School JAMM programs.
12:15 The Water Drops • Seward, Alaska
Jim Pfeiffenberger, Liesl Davenport- Wheeler
Simple songs of heartache, redepmtion, and peace. The Water Drops sing acoustic originals featuring tight vocal harmonies.
12:30 The Doorbells • Anchorage, Alaska
Caleb Swan, Isaac Woods, Conner Broker, Sam Engebretsen
These boys love to have fun, whether playing music or hanging out. They are loyal students of the Alaska Folk Arts Camp and they each study music privately.
12:45 Snow River String Band • Seward, Alaska
Lydia Jacoby, Lucy Hankins, Sam Koster, Neil LIndquist, Karl Pfeiffenberger, Max Pfeiffenberger
Snow River String Band is a group of 10-14 year olds who play of bluegrass, old time, and folk music. They hail from Seward and Moose Pass Alaska
1:00 Claire Ness • Whitehorse, Yukon
Cheeky wit. Swing vocals. Caveman values.
1:15 Oly Mountain Duo • Olympia, Washington
Tye Menser, Josh Grice
Original and traditional bluegrass from this banjo/fiddle duo from the Olympia, WA-based bluegrass band, The Oly Mountain Boys.
1:30 Pyper Powell • Juneau, Alaska
Returning to Folkfest with home-grown songs about the cycles of life, this is an act you won't want to miss!
1:45 Riff-Raff • Portland, Oregon
Teresa Baker, Chad Southwell
Duo playing Irish trad tunes on fiddle and whistle or piano
2:00 Destany Hawley • Anchorage, Alaska
Destany Hawley, Levi Freeman, Harrison Jennings
17 year old from Anchorage - a little girl with a big voice
2:15 Burfl • Haines, Alaska
Mr. Burfl, Pastor Lunchmeat
2 of mine plus, starting the whole thing off, something from M3. Oh, and as George Michael said:
2:30 Jim DiGennaro • Sitka, Alaska
Jim is a luthier from Sitka, playing original songs on his original guitar.
2:45 Glen Simpson • Hardy, Kentucky
Appalachian singer-songwriter, he fuses mountain music with lyrics of every day life. web:
3:00 The Hopper Family Band • Chugiak, Alaska
Bruce Hopper, Grady Hopper, Robin Hopper, Caitlin Hopper
The family that plays together, stays together! Two music teachers, an engineer, and a psych major from Chugiak.
3:15 A Quiet Light • Douglas, Alaska
Dan DeSloover, Sarah Shaddy-Farnsworth
These songs were born in the wilderness of New York City and they've finally come home to stay.
3:30 Fu Bao and Friends • Juneau, Alaska
Fu Bao Goldsberry, John Hartle, Clare Pavia, Others
Feel happy! Fun for all!

Emcee: Dennis Townsend
Stage Manager: Clay Good

Saturday Evening, April 11 • Centennial Hall

7:00 Awakening the Beasts • Juneau, Alaska
Giant Puppets and Drums
The rhythm began and the giant puppets arose. If you're not here to see the awakening of the beast, you will only hear about it.
7:15 Erin & Andrew • Juneau, Alaska
Erin Hanson, Andrew Heist
Duets to make your toes curl.
7:30 Caitlin Warbelow • Brooklyn, New York
All-Ireland and New England Championship fiddler performs some tunes from her adopted city of New York as well as from her home state of Alaska.
7:45 Hannah Yoter • Anchorage, Alaska
Hannah Yoter, Silas Hoffman
Americana/Folk/Country. Originals and classic country.
8:00 Three Fish in a Tree • Wasilla, Alaska
Kluonie Frey, Devin Frey, Bill Frey, Shonti Elder
Family band, doing the best we can with what we have.
8:15 Chicks That Pick • Anchorage, Alaska
Allison Tazlina Mapes, Kate Hamre, Anna Lynch, Erin Hanson, Brooke Munro, Mandy Booth King, Holly Hill, Jane Norris
Ladies from around the State getting together to pick!
8:30 Burnt Down House • Homer, Alaska
Angela Brock, Katie Klann, Dylan Weiser, Steve Mueller
Traditional Country and Bluegrass harmonies from Homer Alaska
8:45 Eli & Forrest • Seattle, Washington
Eli West, Forrest Gibson
Mixing up equal parts fun, frolic and syncopation while dodging the downbeat.
9:00 Mark Heard • Auke Bay, Alaska
Acoustic Fingerstyle guitar
9:15 Chuck Norris and the Texas Rangers • Anchorage/Cordova/Kenai, Alaska
Kate Hamre, Peter Hamre, Mike Mickelson, Jason Norris, Dusty Rider
Friends playing bluegrass!
9:30 Devil's Club • Eagle River, Alaska
Sammy Burrous, C. Scott Fry, Whale McFarland, Magick Mike, Libby Stringer
Takin the long way home, thru blues and traditional streets.
9:45 Tracy Spring • Bellingham, Washington
Award winning folk/blues songwriter from Bellingham, WA with lifelong connection to Alaska plays songs from her upcoming recording,
10:00 Harbor Tack • Olympia , Washington
Barbara Collins, John Petraborg
Versatile pro musician Barbara Collins joins vocalist/commercial fisherman John Petraborg in an expressive variety of music.
10:15 Cranberry Crushes • Gustavus, Alaska
Heidi Herter, Tania Lewis, Ellie Sharman, Melissa Senac, Liz Marantz
Downhome Gustavus gals pick tart tunes, harvest highbush harmonies, and churn out lowbush lyrics.
10:30 Holly Alcorn • Douglas, Alaska
Female vocalist
10:45 Gemini Waltz • Juneau, Alaska
Ryan Cortes Perez, Ryland Buller, Kyle Harris , Jacob Pickard, ?, ?
original compositions in a number of musical styles.

Emcee: Elaine Schroeder
Stage Manager: Patricia Hull

Sunday Afternoon, April 12 • Centennial Hall

12:00 Sam Jordan • Juneau, Alaska
Kid songs are good for everybody!
12:15 The Fours of Music aka The Littlest Folk Singers • Juneau, Alaska
Clara Don, Electra Morley, Elin Antaya, Keegan Cross
Four Juneau born, girl-folk singers! Making music and making there mamas and papas proud!
12:30 Sarah C Hanson • Nome, Alaska
Sarah sings about motherhood from her childish perspective. She is promoting her 5th record Walking Singing Loving Being
12:45 Windmill Animation • Homer, Alaska
Ryan Miller
Shooting for the stars on the strings of guitars, catching contemporary folk songs on the waves of music.
1:00 The Townsends • Tacoma, Washington
Dona Townsend, Dennis Townsend, Mike Mitchell
A couple of autoharp and psaltry tunes for your edification and listening pleasure! Gluten Free
1:15 Caleb Tomlinson • Merritt, British Columbia
A songwriter from the dusty northern desert and the wet coastal forests of Cascadia, balancing disparate roots with a range of musical and lyrical inclinations
1:30 Two Turned Three • Juneau , Alaska
Tamar Boyd , Chad VanOrmer
Original songs - modern folk
1:45 Widdling Fizzards • Juneau, Alaska
Annika Schwartz, Aubrey Hekkers, Liam Penn, Minta Schwartz, Clara Don
Fiddle and guitar favorites that are more fun to play together! Juneau born and raise. Huge THANKS to our teachers, Lisa Miles and Rob Cohen.
2:00 Natalie Edelson • Whitehorse, Yukon
sharing the fruits of FAWM (february album writing month)
2:15 Evan James Thomas • Whitefish, Montana
Sultry voiced singer songwriter born in Alaska and raised in the mountains of Montana.
2:30 Tanana Rafters • Anchorage, Alaska
Jamie Whiteman, Harrison Jennings, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Matt Faubion, Jamie Goudreau
Anchorage Alaska based. Bluesy, folky, originals! Debut album spring 2015
2:45 Cluttered Room • Juneau, Alaska
Carl Reese
Like a lot of creative people, Van Gogh didn't seem to see the clutter.Cluttered Room is Carl Reese's band and it includes anybody playing with him.
3:00 Will Putman • Fairbanks, Alaska
Original music from somewhere near the edge of the middle of nowhere.
3:15 The Girl in the Yellow Dress • Juneau , Alaska
Zoey Bigelow
All Disney songs!! So bring the kids, and get ready to smile
3:30 Adam Wood • Juneau, Alaska

Emcee: Dan Kirkwood
Stage Manager: Jeanie Henry

Sunday Evening, April 12 • Centennial Hall

7:00 Irish tunes from across the state. • Juneau, Alaska
Chris Behnke, Henry Hopkins , TBA, TBA
A Collection or Alaskan Irish musicians playing a bunch of Alaskan Irish Tunes
7:15 Tramwreck • Douglas, Alaska
James Marks, Tania Lewis, Dave Kovach, Heidi Johnson, Bobby Jones, Colin Osterhout, TJ Lazar
Just more of the same radically predictable, indescribable, no nonsense, silliness from a bunch of Thane-like, Douglasesque Gustavites: Good wholesome music!
7:30 Hamfam • Anchorage, Alaska
Dave Hamre, Peter Hamre, Kate Hamre, Patty Hamre
We're singing to Grandmother Muzzie up in heaven.
7:45 Hot Ptarmigan • Anchorage, Alaska
Sarah Schoen, Laura Chartier , Nick Hajdukovich
What's cozier than a cardigan, tastier than Parmesan, and more reputable than a courtesan? Hot Ptarmigan! This ANC trio is a woodsy folk fusion explosion.
8:00 Michael Maas & Frances Leach • Juneau, Alaska
Two friends who make music happen.
8:15 Overby Family Band • Sutton, Alaska
Jason Overby , Charlie Overby , Alyssa Overby, Rachel Overby, Telsche Thiessen , Jason Norris, Logan Bean
A family band from Sutton, Alaska playing hits from the 1920's-40's; jug band music with roots in folk, jazz, blues and swing.
8:30 Grant Dermody, Scott Meyer, Forest Gibson • Seattle, Washington
Playing songs from Grant's new CD,
8:45 Homesteader Freestyle • Denali National Park, Alaska
Land Cole, Mike Speaks, Kris Jones, Lindy Jones
Music From the heart of the Alaska Range.
9:00 Byron Berline Band • Guthrie, Oklahoma
Byron Berline, Richard Sharp , Steve Short, Billy Perry, Jim Fish, Greg Burgess
• • Guest Artists for 2015 • •

Emcee: Katie Bausler
Stage Manager: Emily Kane