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2022 Concert Schedule

  • If you have to cancel, please tell us as soon as you can so that we can place someone from the standby list.
  • If you are a performer with a name, description or band member change, please email us your change request.
  • If we goofed and scheduled you for a time you said you couldn't perform, let us know and we'll do our best to fix it.

email contact:

I understand AFF has about 11 acts on the standby list,
and couldn't possibly fit everyone in, but, but, but ...

Monday Evening, April 4 • Centennial Hall
6:30 Annie & Miguel • Juneau, Alaska
Annie Bartholomew, Miguel Rohrbacher
Annie Bartholomew & Miguel Rohrbacher share some old time banjo tunes & mountain music from Juneau, Alaska
6:45 The Breeze • Juneau, Alaska
Charles Kiel Renick, Olivia Sinaiko, Bob Sinaiko
Playing tunes borrowed and original, old and new, we are heavy on enthusiasm, light on talent, and 100% eager to please.
7:00 Cullen Culpepper • Juneau, Alaska
Christian composer, singer/songwriter: Specializing in original music, hymn arrangements, scripture songs, and an acoustic Semper Paratus--the USCG song!
7:15 Douglas Badilla • Juneau, Alaska
Songs by Elton John & Billy Joel dedicated to my wife Susanne, my children Aaron & Rebekah in Brooklyn NY and granddaughters Ava & Ali Fisher.
7:30 Belugas Don't Have Baleen • Juneau, Alaska
Sonia V Kumar, Wendy Lou Hladick , Ivan Night
Sonia sings spicy songs to curry your fancy. Wendy Lou, the cardamom infused white rice to anchor the beat. Ivan, a chordal chutney that surfs your sound waves.
7:45 Mike Truax • Juneau, Alaska
Gluten-filled folk songs.
8:00 The Empty Oil Barrel Band • Douglas, Alaska
Ed Schoenfeld, Riley Woodford, Maggie Schoenfeld, Jayne Andreen
We celebrate the joys of living in Alaska, particularly Juneau. Then, we make fun of it all, through parodies and political satires. Laugh along with us!
8:15 Koski Family Band • Juneau, Alaska
Travis Koski, Warren Koski, Ruby Koski, Gracie Koski
A family spin on a mixture of tunes from the Oldtime, Folk, Country and Bluegrass genres.
8:30 Ken Burch • Olympia, Washington
Singing stuff, playing things. BECAUSE.
8:45 Dara Rilatos • Juneau, Alaska
Juneau born and Wrangell raised, Dara is a homegrown singer songwriter.
9:00 Turnagain Blues • Anchorage, Alaska
Sarah McCabe, Bill Ostrand
Turnagain Blues is back for a 3rd time playing original and standard Country Blues songs from a newly released self-titled album.
9:15 Heartstrings • Juneau, Alaska
Craig Smith, Kathy Petraborg-Ensor
A blend of folk and Americana, with a sprinkling of sheer delight!
9:30 LoveStroke • Juneau, Alaska
Ben Love
LoveStroke will be performing an intimate set with their guitar.

Emcee: Grace Elliot
Stage Manager: Andy Miller

Tuesday Evening, April 5 • Centennial Hall
6:30 Lost on C • JUNEAU, Alaska
Robert Bowles, John Lager, Craig Wilson, Liz Rao
A high-energy performance that celebrates our return to an in-person folk festival.
6:45 Jacks In The River • Juneau, Alaska
Doug DeMaster, Shannon DeMaster, Brandee Gerkee, Andrzej Piotrowsky, Auguste Stiehr, Wendy Hladick
Folk-rock cover band, with all the harmony you would expect and as many instruments as six can play!
7:00 Taylor Vidic • Juneau, Alaska
Solo, for the first time ever on the Folk Fest stage. Or at least, that's the plan as of January. But we've all learned, nothing is set in stone these days.
7:15 Mark Heard • Juneau, Alaska
Folk blues/Rock acoustic fingerstyle guitar in a variety of open tunings.
7:30 Mindy & Her Fishermen • Juneau, Alaska
Mindy Rowland, Joe Emerson, Stew Rowland, Riley Woodford
Covid lite lineup… making great music with a slightly smaller band!
7:45 Nora and Friends • Juneau, Alaska
Nora Fortier, Laurie Clough, Natalie Fortier, Sandy Fortier, Luke Fortier
Nora is joined by music friends young and old for fun folk music
8:00 Sing-A-Long with Jacque • Douglas, Alaska
Jacque Farnsworth
Familiar 60's songs to sing together!
8:15 Escape From Brooklyn • Juneau, Alaska
Cecily Morris, Beth Leibowitz, Steve Winker, Jacque Farnsworth, Phyllis Scott
A cross-continental dance music expedition: Breton, Bulgarian, and a dance hit from Bollywood, where Indian traditional meets pop.
8:30 Fire on the Mountain • Juneau, Alaska
Allen Edwards, Mike Hilley, Julie Campbell
Bluegrass music with an outback flair.
8:45 Your Favorite Heartbreak • Juneau , Alaska
Taylor Vidic, Rashah McChesney, Marian Call, Kelsey Riker
Thankful to be singing with friends and for friends again.
9:00 Abbey Lee • Juneau, Alaska
Abbey Lee is a singer songwriter from Birmingham, AL. She began performing at the age of 13, inspired by Tracy Chapman, Linda Ronstadt, & Nanci Griffith.
9:15 Jon Dillard • Juneau, Alaska
Solo violin loop-assisted performance of Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean"
9:30 Lavendula • Montpelier, Vermont
Alvina Dunnam, Johanna Rose, Lilly Smith
A femme-led trio formed in Vermont showcasing heartache ballads, foot stompers, old rambling tunes, and haunting melodies.
9:45 Alexa Lash • Miami, Florida
Singer-songwriter style acoustic set of original music by Miami, Florida's Alexa Lash.

Emcee: Mark Ridgway
Stage Manager: Tom Paul

Wednesday Evening, April 6 • Centennial Hall
6:30 Are We Here? • Juneau, Alaska
Odin Brudie, Frankie Pillifant, Aldyn Brudie, Juliuis Adolfsson
Tunes and Tones to the Juneau Beat. Four voices from two generations.
6:45 Katie Henry • Juneau, Alaska
Something old something blue, something bright something new
7:00 Brothers 3 and Sally Too • Juneau, Alaska
Tom Powell, Doug Powell, Jim Powell, Sally Schlichting
Powell Brothers three-part harmony feat. Tom (vocals) from NH, Doug (guitar) from TX & Jim (mando), with Sally Schlichting (flute) playing classic folk.
7:15 My American Myth • Juneau, Alaska
Marc Mintz
More heart than smart.
7:30 Ivan Night • Anchorage, Alaska
Ivan Night is a singer-songwriter from Anchorage who sings moody tales accompanied by an eight string booming baritone guitar.
7:45 Andy Miller • Juneau, Alaska
Songs about Kotzebue and other amazing Alaska places, people, and the like.
8:00 Costa's Redemptive Arc • Juneau, Alaska
Collette Costa, Terry Schwarz, Jason Messing
Come for the popcorn, stay for the show. Sing along optional. Then sings my soul, my savior God, to Thee, How Great Thou Art.
8:15 Taking Care of Bluegrass • Juneau, Alaska
Jeremy Kane, Josh Fortenbery, Andrew Heist, Lindsay Clark, James Cheng
Rip-roaring bluegrass tunes that have you hummin' G runs all week.
8:30 Michael Kahdushan • Douglas, Alaska
Michael Kahdushan, George Holly
Songs of truth with George Holly
8:45 Steve Zarate • Athens, Ohio
Delightful original songs from a mid-‘90s Juneau resident returning 25 years on to reconnect with Folk Fest family.
9:00 Radio Flyers • Juneau, Alaska
Aidan Kovach, Lake Bartlett, Eli Crupi, Finn, Jack Shwarting, Brandon Campbell
Folk/Rock band from Juneau.
9:15 Runnin' On Empty • Boulder, Colorado
Tim Triggs, John Lager, Don Rudolph
Three fun Bluegrass tunes with vocals and instrumental backup.
9:30 Susan Warner • Gustavus, Alaska
Original songs and more from Gustavus, Alaska, including a tribute to Mr. Pat Henry.
9:45 Lisa Puananimohala'ikalani Denny • Juneau, Alaska
Just another girl and her ukulele. Sit at the proverbial campfire and let me sweetly serenade you with wistful tearjerkers and pleasant ballads.

Emcee: Taylor Vidic
Stage Manager: Erin Heist

Thursday Evening, April 7 • Centennial Hall
7:00 Van Fleet and the Delivery Boys • Juneau, Alaska
Vicki Van Fleet, Odin Brudie, Tom Meyer, Heather Parker, Doug Powell, Jim Powell
Vicki Van Fleet with Odin Brudie, Tom Meyers, Heather Parker, brothers Jim & Doug Powell, and friends playing contemporary folk songs.
7:15 Tramwreck • Gustavus, Alaska
Tania Lewis, Jamie Marks, Heidi Johnson, Dave Kovach, TJ Lazar, Colin Osterhout, Sergei Morosan, Eric Syrene
Coming back with spunky pickin' and woke harmonies made all the stronger by full moonlight, hot banyas and beating the 'rona.
7:30 The Barge Hoppers • Santa Rita, Guam
Ian Putnam, Miguel Rohrbacher, Andrew Heist, Nicole Lantz, Erik Chadwell
Hopping back to Juneau just in time for Folk Fest! We'll be delivering a bulk shipment of Juneau's finest oldtimey tunes.
7:45 George Kuhar • Juneau, Alaska
George Kuhar wants to thank you
8:00 Jake Blount • Providence, Rhode Island
Jake Blount, George Jackson, Mali Obomsawin, Gus Tritsch
2022 AFF Guest Artist Jake Blount specializes in the music of Black communities of the southeastern US, and in the regional style of the Finger Lakes.
8:45 Chris Miller (& Friends?) • Port Hadlock, Washington
Mostly known for playing saxophone in his Grammy nominated Cajun super-group the Revelers, Chris also loves playing banjo and will share some original tunes.
9:00 Hopkins Family Band • Juneau, Alaska
Erik Hopkins, Henry Hopkins, Emma Hopkins, Sarah Hopkins
Mostly Irish tunes
9:15 Josh Fortenbery • Juneau, Alaska
Bringing a few new songs to a captive audience because the dog is sick of hearing 'em.
9:30 Henry Kitchen Band • Juneau, Alaska
Katie Henry, Hiram Henry, Riley Woodford, Terry Schwarz
A soup of blues, jazz and Buddy, out of Jeanie's Kitchen
9:45 Sophisticated Ladies • Palmer, Alaska
Maureen Kelly, Fawn Waterfield
Myrna Ukelele and Gladys Gottacello play a few Tin Pan Alley tunes.
10:00 Tom Letson • Haines, Alaska
Tom Letson, is a singer-songwriter who plays banjo and resonator guitar in the Piedmont & Appalachian old time traditions.
10:15 Gub'munt Cheese • Fresno, California
Tim Borden, Evan Coombs
This traveling old-time and shanty duo have been singing and playing music together for a decade all over the country. For the love of the music.

Emcee: Collette Costa
Stage Manager: Koren Bosworth

Friday Evening, April 8 • Centennial Hall
7:00 South Pacific Sounds • Juneau, Alaska
Smyth Missouri
Songs and Dances of the South Pacific
7:15 6ft. Seas • Gustavus, Alaska
Bryan Wright, Joseph Whelan, Kyle Bishop
Four-piece alternative surf/folk rock.
7:30 Will Putman • Fairbanks, Alaska
Original songs coming from the end of a snowy driveway in Two Rivers, Alaska.
7:45 Ruby Blake • Juneau, Alaska
Erin Heist, Dan Kirkwood, Andrew Heist, Josh Fortenbery, Clay Good
Late 90s erotic alt country.
8:00 Dennis and Dona Townsend • Tacoma, Washington
Thankful to be back in person! It was tough to fit in a Zoom room. Dona will do a couple of her favorites and we may have a few surprises as well.
8:15 She's With Me • Girdwood , Alaska
Melissa Mitchell, Katy Rexford, Angela Oudean, Mandy Booth
Original songs delivered with soulful harmonies and powerful female edge.
8:30 Super Bear • Douglas, Alaska
Travis Croteau
Super Bear is a collection of musicians led by Travis Croteau. Sometimes a solo act, sometimes a five-piece, or anywhere in between. Hope you enjoy!
8:45 Harmiddler Brothers • Douglas, Alaska
Grant Dermody, Bob-o Bell, Bob Banghart
Exploring the unknown where bow, breath and banjo meet.
9:00 Jakelegs • Anchorage, Alaska
Johnse Ostman, Peter Johnson, George Sleichter, Lauralee Honkola
Crawling around the bottom of the barrel lies the Jakelegs, just itching and scratching to get out!
9:30 Casey Smith Project • Fairbanks, Alaska
Casey Smith, Scott Joyce, Derek Haukaas
Casey Smith Project is a soulful folk-rock band based out of Fairbanks, Alaska.
9:45 Rum Punch • Juneau, Alaska
Devin Tatro, Henry Colt, Nicole Lantz, Emma Carr, Miguel Rohrbacher
Foot stompin' hoot hollerin' vaxed-n-boosted barrel-aged hazy hopped up old-time music served to you on a pipin' hot platter with some bluegrass sauce.
10:00 Sunny Porch • Juneau, Alaska
Melanie Brown, Marcus Beckmann
Acoustic guitar, acoustic bass guitar, and vocals.
10:15 Tara Chrisman • Fairbanks, Alaska
Tara Chrisman is a country singer from Fairbanks, with a love for lonesome country ballads.
10:30 Hannah Read • Anchorage, Alaska
Born and raised in Scotland, Hannah Read is a versatile multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter widely recognized on the International stage.
10:45 John Palmes • Juneau, Alaska
My annual report. Thanks everybody!

Emcee: Ed Schoenfeld
Stage Manager: Caressa Starshine

Saturday Afternoon, April 9 • Centennial Hall
12:00 Mini Fiddlers • Juneau, Alaska
James Rosson, Rachel Rosson, Katie Rosson, Amelia Farrell, Zev LeVine, Hannah Dolan, Cora Wright, Riley Wright, Jacinda Skeek, Kate Stickel, Saana Amundson, Rowan Taintor, JR Becker, Kiana Twitchell
Youth string ensemble. Conductor is Guohua Xia.
12:15 Bryan Graceland • Juneau, Alaska
Contemporary Christian music
12:30 Music Band LLC • Douglas, Alaska
Henry Leasia, Avery Stuart
Avery Stuart and Henry Leasia bring their unique take on classic indie rock with sweet guitar licks and lush keyboard tones.
12:45 Teri Tibbett • Juneau, Alaska
Teri Tibbett, Alex Nelson
Songs in Spanish.
1:00 Mike and Matt • Anchorage, Alaska
Michael Faubion, Matt Faubion
Father/Son duo presents folk & country originals with some snazzy guitar and mandolin picking
1:15 Jeremy Wood • Juneau, Alaska
Mellow Irish & American folk songs with voice and guitar
1:30 Julie Campbell & Mike Hilley • Camano Island, Washington
Fiddle-Mandolin duo playing traditional old-time tunes. Couple of bluegrassers from WA state, doing their own thing! Sure to warm the heart and stir the soul!
1:45 The Sideman • Hamilton, Ontario
David Carte
Folk music with a tinge of blues
2:00 Swochak & Lambert • Newburyport, Massachusetts
Steve Swochak, Larry Lambert
Playing two original songs on guitars: 1-Going to the Folk Festival, 2-The Permanent Fund
2:15 Caressa Starshine • Homer, Alaska
Very stoked to be here with you at this wonderful gathering. I’ve got a couple sweet n salty original tunes with a lil' spicy kick to add to the mix!
2:30 J.S. Henry (Industrialist) • Portland, Maine
JS Henry is a Death Folk musician based in Maine, His band, The Bumbling Woohas is known for multimedia performances that regularly open naked singularities.
2:45 Ukelele • Juneau, Alaska
Lowell Mitchem
Unchained Melody
3:00 Sadie Woolman-Morgan • Shaver Lake, California
A soulful twist on a few familiar bluegrass tunes & one of my own. Accompanied by my ukulele and possibly a guest.
3:15 Andrea Wild & Son • Portland, Oregon
Andrea Wild, Dylan Burns
Welsh Traditional Folk Music featuring mother and son duo. Fiddle, voice and foot percussion. Couple of Welsh folk songs with fiddle tunes.

Emcee: Mike Levine
Stage Manager: Norman Cohen

Saturday Evening, April 9 • Centennial Hall
7:00 Outsiders • Pleasant Lake, Michigan
John Hatton, Chuck Dineen, Howie Meltzer, Judy Lungren, Betsy Brown, Jamie Haskell, Bruce Schwartz, Terry O'Hara, Heidi Kristianson, Betsy Brown, Jamie Hascall, Tom Paul
Old time dance music. We're not at the JACC but will jack you out of your seat.
7:15 JDMason • Delta Junction, Alaska
Jeff Mason
Just me and an acoustic guitar doing a few chill homemade songs.
7:30 Mary DeSmet, Greg Burger, Don Rudolph • Juneau, Alaska
Sweet harmonies, hot licks and pure fun!
7:45 Hunt/Bayer • Fairbanks, Alaska
Charlie Hunt, Nancy Bayer
A resurrection of some new and old time tunes.
8:00 Tom Begich, Sarah Sledge and Friends • Anchorage, Alaska
Tom Begich, Sarah Sledge and friends return to play new original songs from the upcoming album!
8:15 Marian Call • Juneau, Alaska
Singer-songwriter Marian Call has spent quarantine learning how to play the guitar. This will be her first folk fest accompanying herself!
8:30 The Forest That Never Sleeps • Anchorage , Alaska
Kat Moore
Kat Moore takes listeners on an emotional journey through her exploration of the piano and the human spirit.
8:45 The Bottom o' the Barrel Banjo Club • Fairbanks, Alaska
Ellie Sharman, Erin Tilly, Heidi Kristenson
The Frail Away Ladies skeleton crew! (And whoever else we gin up out of the woodwork.) Back with banjo tunes and high mountain harmonies for you entertainment.
9:00 Reeb Willms & Caleb Klauder • Portland, Oregon
Reeb Willms, Caleb Klauder, Rusty Blake, Zach Sharpe
Good ol' country music! Duet vocals with mandolin and guitar.
9:15 Liz Snyder • Seattle, Washington
Soul songs
9:30 The House Family Band • Juneau, Alaska
Tony Tengs, Michael Bucy
Once Again Debuting Three Tunes Fresh off the Griddle.
9:45 Astor Marchesini • Watsonville, California
Singer songwriter folk music with an acoustic guitar with heavy alternative and jazz influences
10:00 Sloughgrass • Anchorage, Alaska
Rion Schmidt, Mike Mickelson, Danny Booth, Bob, Katy Rexford
Bluegrass Chestnuts
10:15 Geoff Kirsch Experience Experiment Projeqt feat. Margie McWilliams and Chris Dionisio • Juneau, Alaska
Experience the Experience Experiment Project in eye-popping 3D and the highest resolution possible -- real life!
10:30 The Bow Ties • Valley Springs, California
Billy Moore, Yoseff Tucker, Zach Sharpe, Jack Kinney
We're a traditional bluegrass band from California. We'll be at the Folk Festival hanging with friends.
10:45 Mal Holladay • Seattle, Washington
Mallory Holladay, Matt Mcalman, Zach Olson
Music to touch the soul and make you feel whole. :)

Emcee: Riley Woodford
Stage Manager: Koren Bosworth

Sunday Afternoon, April 10 • Centennial Hall
12:00 How 'Bout No? • Juneau, Alaska
Erin Banaszak, Oliver Brown, Chandler Carter, Q Curtis, Kennedy Miller, Elyas Taylor
How 'Bout No? is a kids rock band performing classic rock songs. Directed by music teacher Michael Maas.
12:15 Amy • Juneau , Alaska
Amy Kramer
I have two original songs to perform with small stories/insight that goes along with them. Just me and my acoustic guitar.
12:30 Bill Winnett • Juneau, Alaska
Solo guitar. I play folk and blues stylings to cover songs and my own material.
12:45 Michele Stuart Morgan • Douglas, Alaska
Singer Songwriter from Douglas!
1:00 The Goetz Who • Juneau, Alaska
Jeff Goetz, Fisher Martin Goetz, Stella Celeste Goetz, Kyle Harris
A little Folk, a little Funk, a little Rock n' Roll, with a couple of Little Folks
1:15 Cello Pudding • Juneau, Alaska
Eliza Albrecht, Greg Albrecht
10 year old Eliza and her dad make their debut plucking some new and old tunes.
1:30 Cherie Bowman • Juneau, Alaska
I will be playing some bluesy folk originals and covers.
1:45 ShadyLo Pop • Galion, Ohio
Lois Weston
3 original songs sung and played by composer and inspired by Juneau -"Juneau"," Rockin", and "Uphill" with folk/jazz style.
2:00 Todd Beasley and Friends • Fairbanks, Alaska
Todd Beasley
Fingerpicking Folk Songs
2:15 Quinton Woolman-Morgan • Juneau , Alaska
I will be performing four songs from my recent ep release “Blue Stone Middle of Nothing”. I play a combination of guitar/harmonica/vocals. Folk rock music.
2:30 Sashi & Friends • Anchorage, Alaska
Sashi Parameswaran
A mix of traditional fiddle tunes and flatpicking bluegrass guitar
2:45 The Jig's Up • Juneau, Alaska
Heather Parker, Carl Schrader, Tony Yorba, Chris Meade
A slice of jigs between two slices of reels with a side of Welsh slow slaw.
3:00 Chris Thompson & Friends • Anchorage, Alaska
Chris Thompson, Rolfe Buzzell, Harrison Jennings, Rebecca Bingham
Group performance of music composed by Chris Thompson. We attempt to portray emotions of life we all have dealt with: love, loss, aging, and ballads of life.
3:15 Waterfield • Juneau, Alaska
Fawn Waterfield, Garri Constantine
Fawn Waterfield performs songs written with daughter Keema Waterfield and songs by daughter singer/songwriter Tekla Waterfield.

Emcee: Dennis Townsend
Stage Manager: Andy Miller

Sunday Evening, April 10 • Centennial Hall
7:00 Todd Grebe • Anchorage, Alaska
Original material with the best musicians friendship can wrangle.
7:15 Robin Hopper • Chugiak, Alaska
Will you laugh, or reach for your Kleenex? (Probably both!) Robin is back with some new songs, written since she was last on the Juneau stage.
7:30 Joe Emerson and Friends • Juneau, Alaska
Joe Emerson
Folk song favorites
7:45 Fiona Rose Family Band • Anchorage, Alaska
Fiona Rose Worcester, Logan Bean, Rosalind Gael Worcester
Whimsical, alternative-folk tunes; floating in wonder and laughing out loud. Grungy bridges, sister harmonies; flute and horn intertwine.
8:00 Craig Millard • Douglas, Alaska
Some original songs and maybe a cover or two. Bluesy Piano
8:15 Big Chimney Barn Dance • Anchorage, Alaska
Danny Consenstein, Carter Bancroft, Jason Norris, Jay Marvin, Nate Williamson, Garren Volper
Hard rockin' traditional old time, bluegrass and country tunes and songs from the North. Whoa Mule!
8:30 Caitlin Warbelow + Chris Ranney // Fiddle + Piano • New York, New York
Caitlin and Chris take a break from playing tunes on Broadway to return (finally!!) to their favorite festival in the whole wide world.
8:45 Jake Blount • Providence, Rhode Island
Jake Blount, George Jackson, Mali Obomsawin, Gus Tritsch
2022 AFF Guest Artist Jake Blount specializes in the music of Black communities of the southeastern US, and in the regional style of the Finger Lakes.

Emcee: Alicia Hughes-Skandijs & Kirsa Hughes-Skandijs
Stage Manager: Emily Kane